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New features for improved Vessel-Propulsor-Drive system simulation

Development in 2023 for HydroComp NavCad offers new features across the range of applications.

Miscellaneous updates

Every version year allows us to develop features requested by our user community, and this year is no exception. The first user-requested feature to be added for 2023 is a new add/delete speed capability using toolbar buttons in the results grid. For columns that have been manually entered, a new speed will have a spline-fit value determined for that column.

EEXI Assessment utility (Premium Edition)

The EEXI Assessment utility provides the means to calculate an EEXI Score for a current NavCad project, to investigate how design options affect the score, and to prepare an EEXI “Technical File” document for review and benchmarking of compliance calculations.

Following published IMO MEPC calculation guidelines, the performance basis for the EEXI score calculation is found from a “Speed Power Curve”. While current regulations dictate computation requirements for submittal of compliance, design-stage investigations of EEXI compliance can be made very efficient using the EEXI Assessment tool.

For the highest fidelity speed-power curve, NavCad can employ calibration of predictions to comparable reference ships and propellers via “Aligned Prediction” (for resistance and hull-propulsor interaction) and “Aligned Series” (for propeller performance). Reference ships and propellers are typically empirical model tests, but they could also be from validated computational sources. For example, a suitable reference propeller KT-KQ curve for an Aligned Series could be prepared using HydroComp PropElements wake-adapted propeller design and analysis tool.

Suitable for virtually all ships under EEXI restriction, the EEXI Assessment utility in NavCad Premium provides quick and resource-friendly design guidance when the need comes to investigate where a ship stands regarding EEXI compliance. At the conclusion of the evaluation, the generated report can be used as reference documentation for quality assurance and benchmarking of future EEXI compliance calculations.

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