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Engine and Gearbox Selection

Bring The Power

Manufacturers and distributors of drive equipment — engines, motors, and transmissions that rotate the propulsor — need capable tools to select the proper models and specifications that meet the vessel’s requirements. Professionals from Drive companies across the globe rely on NavCad or PropExpert for application engineering.

Dynamic Engine Performance

Engine selection is more than identifying a Rated Power and RPM. Robust engine power curves and differences in overload regimes affect operation throughout a ship’s duty profile. Our software illuminates investigation of steady-state performance, off-design operation, variations in CPP control, dynamic conditions such as towing or planing acceleration, and modeling of engine RPM change rate limits.

Simple Transmission Selection

One focus of PropExpert is gearbox selection for conventional vessels with shaft-driven propellers. Its simple analysis tool assists in proper sizing, while PropExpert’s intuitive interface is very popular with engine and gearbox companies, as well as other marine professionals that require quick sizing for applications with limited vessel data.

Shrinking Maritime’s Carbon Footprint

The international regulation of greenhouse gas emissions has become a major design driver. NavCad provides naval architects and operations managers with the ability to predict fuel consumption metrics and CO2 production across a ship’s operating profile, as well as to investigate fuel options – including LNG and dual-fuel operation.

Hydrodynamic and Propulsion System Design Tools

NavCad by Hydrocomp


The flagship framework for entire resistance, propulsion, mission profile, and optimized performance design tasks

PropElements by HydroComp


HydroComp’s “design for performance” propeller tool to customize and optimize a propeller for a specific ship or vessel type

PropCad by HydroComp


The industry’s most popular commercial tool for propeller “design for manufacture”

PropExpert by Hydrocomp


This “propeller application sizing” tool is the favorite of marine propeller, engine, and drive companies from main-office OEMs through their distribution pipeline


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