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by | Oct 13, 2019

HydroComp collaborates with select software partners to provide our customers and clients with multi-product solutions that improve workflow efficiency and effectiveness. We also engage with industry-leading agencies as mutual collaborators for advancing the art of naval architecture within our particular area of expertise.

Software Partners

Connecting different software packages to HydroComp products provides an extended use of our powerful software. Our partners are well known, established brands in their own specialized fields. These pairings create additional value for users to seamlessly improve their workflow processes for better, faster, and more professional outcomes.

TrueProp is software for propeller inspection and is the only independent and widely compatible software available for propeller inspection and repair. TrueProp provides propeller inspectors with the highest quality analysis, repair guidance and compliance reports. TrueProp and HydroComp continue to expand interoperability and data sharing between programs. HydroComp PropCad customers enjoy a wide range of file-exchange formats for transferring propeller design data and surface scan data.

Orca 3D

Orca3D streamlines naval architectural design with a plug-in for Rhino that provides hull fairing, intact stability, weight tracking, and speed/power estimates. For many years, Orca3D looked to HydroComp as their provider of speed and resistance calculations in this popular marine design plug-in. Now, this partnership is looking to the future with an advanced connection to NavCad – and its ability to provide an extensive analytical workbench for hydrodynamic and propulsion system simulation. For users of NavCad Premium, the connection with Orca3D can employ advanced analytical capabilities, such as the ADVM analytical drag method and the full mission profile energy, fuel consumption, and emissions calculations.

Caeses logo

CAESES is a powerful 3D parametric modeler that integrates CAD functions with an optimization platform. It connection to third-party calculation sources for evaluation of performance attributes, including NavCad Premium. The CAESES-NavCad workflow provides the ability to rapidly optimize the properties of the Vessel-Propulsor-Drive system by allowing CAESES to query NavCad as a silent coupled calculation server. The simplified-physics models in NavCad – especially the ADVM analytical method for hull form resistance – makes for really rapid design space evaluation with CAESES.

Channel Partners

HydroComp has skilled and trained representation across the globe. Of particular note, we share a long-standing connection with our European agents, NDAR (France) and VICUSdt (Spain). Our two-decade alliance with both agents offers a seamless connection of HydroComp‘s expertise to the EU community for naval architecture, engineering design and propeller services.


NDAR operates principally in the fields of naval architecture, yacht and ship design, building, operation, and management. NDAR provides software product, training and technical support.


VICUSdt is an engineering design and analysis service company that allows clients easy access to a highly skilled engineering capability within shipbuilding, shipping, offshore, and energy industries.