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Our HYDROCourses were designed to provide clear and consistent content and to facilitate easy-to-understand delivery of typically complex topics, such as engine power curves, sea trials for prediction of performance, pushboats and ducted propellers, repitching and propeller CAD. These courses will sharpen your existing proficiencies – or even build new skills – while providing practical and insightful knowledge. Explore key subjects about hydrodynamics and propellers in a flexible on-demand format, so learning is at your own pace and convenience.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a course certificate. 

*Please note that HYDROCourses are Professional Learning topics (not HydroComp software training). 

Educational, engaging, and spot on

Key to business success and customer credibility

Will be a requirement for our staff

A priceless value

Easily accessible

Learn something new in a short period of time

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Earn Continuing Professional Development credits.

Professional Development Hours Available, Contact Your Professional Organization