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by | Oct 13, 2019

Keeping ahead of the latest advances in marine propulsion can be difficult; however, if you are a designer or propulsion equipment supplier, it is vital to your business. Learning how to best use technical software is necessary to be efficient at delivering accurate results for your clients. Many companies achieve this and keep up to date with contemporary practices through training from HydroComp.

Online Training and Webinars:

HydroComp regularly offers remote training, conferences, and workshops for our users! Online training is the ideal solution for focused applications and specific topics. Session topics are prescheduled by HydroComp; however, custom sessions can be requested and tailored by HydroComp to the needs of a specific audience. The training can be multicast to as many at 25 attendees located anywhere in the world.

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NavCad “Best Practices” Training Course:

A one-day training course for active users of NavCad®, HydroComp’s software for ship resistance and propulsion. This course focuses on the “best practices” for experienced, new, and potential users of NavCad. Quickly raise the level of your professional skills, master the newest features and modules in NavCad, and learn to exploit the full capability and strength of NavCad. This popular training course has been held in the US and Europe. Additionally, the course will introduce the new Premium edition of NavCad which features wave drag prediction, operating modes analysis and a scripting API.

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NavCad Premium Training Course:

A one-day training course for active users of the NavCad® Premium Edition. The course will focus on these Premium features including wave drag prediction, operating modes analysis and a scripting API. Learn to exploit the full capability and strength of NavCad Premium – topics include modelling operational modes, performing comprehensive duty-cycle analyzes, calculating wave drag using longitudinal distributions of immersed volume, and running NavCad from third-party software as a calculation engine (i.e., coupled solver).

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“Impressed with the commitment to provide the best possible tool.”

PropCad “Best Practices” Training Course:

A one-day training course for active users of PropCad®, HydroComp’s software for the geometric design of marine propellers. This course is suitable for both new and existing users of PropCad, but is particularly valuable to professionals new to the propeller manufacturing industry. The topics for this course include a review of propeller geometry terminology, series geometries, creating new designs and design variants, application-specific design considerations, and exporting 2D drawings and 3D CAD/CAM files. The course will discuss propeller strength calculations, techniques to modify existing designs, custom distributions, scaling and smoothing, and creating template files. Additionally, the course will also review the process of recreating an existing propeller design in PropCad – from 2D drawings or from 3D surface measurements.

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PropExpert “Best Practices” Training Course:

A one-day training course for active users of PropExpert®, HydroComp’s selection tool for the sizing and analysis of propellers. The focus of the course will be to introduce and review the best operating procedures for experienced, new, and potential users of PropExpert. This course is the quickest way to get up-to-speed with PropExpert!

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“I definitely feel Don [MacPherson] is about as good as it gets in this field and I learned a lot. I will be sending some of my people to future seminars.”

Propeller Mini-Workshop

A one-day training course or two individual half-day sessions focusing on the appropriate application of propellers for workboats and pleasure craft. The mini-workshop is a special version of HydroComp’s intensive Propeller Workshops. The course is ideal for any professional involved in the design, construction, service, or supply of marine propulsion equipment. The course features two major seminars – Successful Pre-construction Propeller Selection and Documenting & Troubleshooting Post-delivery Performance. The former includes principles of marine propulsion and initial propeller sizing, while the latter includes sea-trial data analysis and troubleshooting of propeller problems.

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HydroComp Propeller Bootcamp:

A two-day comprehensive professional development workshop covering the details of marine propeller design and analysis. This course was developed to fill demand from propeller builder and distributors, naval architects and shipbuilders, ship operators, and engine and transmission companies. This intensive “bootcamp” features four principal seminars – Principles of Propulsion and Propeller Sizing, Fundamentals of Detail Propeller Design, Propeller CAD, and Propeller Analysis and Troubleshooting.

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“Good mix of current theory; practical examples.”

Custom Online Training:

HydroComp can offer a customized training course to quickly elevate the professional skills of your staff. Special one and two-day training seminars have been provided to a variety of companies including propeller manufacturers/dealers, engine manufacturers/dealers, naval architects, shipyards, and Navies/Coast Guards.

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