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What’s New in HydroComp PropElements 2024

New features for wake-adapted propeller design and analysis

Development in 2024 for HydroComp NavCad offers new technical features and workflow improvements.

Release Build 2024.0


  • New scripting commands, and improvements in 3D rendering and mesh views.
  • Updated lifting surface corrections for influence of skew, and improved jet compression model.

Interface Theme Update

Modifying the interface for one of our products is a careful balance between maintaining the efficiency of a known process and accommodating contemporary interface standards. Our priorities are to maintain the known workflow, but to also find aesthetic and process improvements that users expect with current versions of Windows. The interface updates for 2024 reflect transition to a more contemporary look-and-feel while still being anchored to the that users know. Select the new theme shown below by clicking Tools | Options… from the menu, then selecting System from the Theme dropdown list.

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