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About HydroComp

HydroComp, Inc. was founded in the 1980s by Jill Aaron (Managing Director) and Donald MacPherson (Technical Director). The two partners continue to direct HydroComp’s evolution and growth, resulting in a dynamic consultancy known worldwide for its software and services.

NavCad remains HydroComp’s flagship product with users in all corners of the world – from design to construction to academia. In addition to NavCad, HydroComp’s software products include PropElements, PropCad, and PropExpert – programs for wake-adapted propeller “design for performance”, geometric propeller “design for manufacture”, and application propeller sizing for smaller vessels.

HydroComp provides a broad range of technical services to companies large and small through engineering services using the same commercial software sold to the maritime industry. We utilize a progressive internal research and design program to keep ongoing technical services at the cutting edge of contemporary knowledge and expertise. 

HydroComp propeller designs are in most sectors of the marine community, including submersibles, the AUV/UUV communities, foil boards, and other recreational equipment. Even industries outside of the marine community come to HydroComp for propulsor designs, such as for commercial industrial mixers.

HydroComp continues to develop software tools for the future with core values rooted in pragmatic design. From ship operation and duty-profile analysis, including fuel consumption and carbon footprint to underwater radiated-noise models, we develop tools for the next generation of smart, sustainable design. 

Demand for such tools takes HydroComp around the globe. A significant international presence results in a family of customers and consulting clients in more than 65 countries. Most of the world’s major propulsion equipment manufacturers and research institutions count themselves among HydroComp’s clients. Carefully-selected global representatives support this worldwide effort with localized attention and support.

HydroComp’s team is justifiably proud of 35-plus years of enthusiasm by its staff, its dedication to the original mission, and the loyalty of more than 1200 companies directly influenced by HydroComp software and services.


Jill Aaron

Managing Director

Jill Aaron oversees the company’s day-to-day operations, sales and global marketing, and corporate customer communications. 

Jill has been instrumental in shaping HydroComp from a small naval architectural firm to a global leader in hydrodynamics. She also served as Executive Director of the International Marine Software Associates (IMSA).

Jill holds a Business Administration degree from Boston University’s Questrom School of Business and also studied at the Universidad de Valencia, Spain. Jill works closely with the State of New Hampshire Office of International Commerce and is a recipient of the SBA Exporter of the Year for 2017.

Donald MacPherson

Technical Director

Donald MacPherson is an internationally-recognized specialist in applied hydrodynamics, with particular emphasis on the design of propulsors and the numerical forecasting of vessel and propulsor performance. He received his degree in naval architecture and marine engineering from the Webb Institute of Naval Architecture.

After various positions in industry, he co-founded HydroComp to provide products and services in the field of applied hydrodynamics, most notably for the prediction of vessel and propulsor performance. He is responsible for all technical services and the design and support of software products.

Donald is a frequent author in many worldwide technical publications. He is a member of numerous professional societies, most notably Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME), where he was elected a SNAME Fellow. Don is also active in SNAME’s Propeller Hydrodynamics and Underwater Noise panels, and is former Chair of the New England Section.

Key Personnel

Adam Kaplan

Program Manager – Propeller Tools

Adam has an extensive background in CAD/CAM and manufacturing with over 10 years of experience at HydroComp in software design and propeller geometric modeling.

A recognized expert within the marine propeller community, he is responsible for HydroComp’s propeller sizing and 3D CAD design as well as for software development of the PropCad and PropExpert tools.

Adam earned his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire. He is a member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, contributing as Membership Chair for the New England Section. Adam is also the Chief Technical Officer of HydroComp’s sister company, TrueProp Software LLC.