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Top Performers

There are a number of HydroComp tools available to aid in the application engineering of your products, whether you are involved in the sale of marine engines, marine transmissions, propellers, or waterjets. 

Fastest Route from Request to Sale

For example, NavCad provides analysis on a wide range of propellers, including open, controllable-pitch, and ducted propellers. Use it to size main engines, choose gear ratios, and estimate shaft RPM and torque to support a ship or boat building refit or new construction project.

PropExpert is ideal for sales teams specializing in propulsion equipment for yachts, small craft, and other vessels nominally under 75 m (250 ft). It sizes propellers and estimates shaft torque and RPM for smaller vessels. Sales teams choose PropExpert for its ability to size optimum and transmission gear ratio simultaneously.

Waterjet manufacturers use NavCad for performance prediction and proper selection of waterjet models – both for new construction and refits, as well as forensic analysis of existing vessel performance.

Engine and Gearbox Manufacturing and Sales

NavCad aids engine and transmission sales teams with sizing the main engines to meet vessel speed and mission requirements, and to choose the proper gear ratio and shaft RPM to support the construction of a new vessel or the repowering of an existing vessel. NavCad includes component models for a wide range of propulsors attached to your drive equipment, including open, controllable pitch, and ducted propellers, as well as waterjets and even multi-element propulsors.

Propeller Manufacturing and Sales

Propeller manufacturers rely on PropCad for worry-free, accurate CAD drawings, and to prepare class society thickness reports. Propeller sales and marketing teams use NavCad and PropExpert to size propellers and analyze how changes in major parameters will impact the steady-state performance of a vessel. HydroComp’s solutions for your customer needs have been unsurpassed for 30 years.

Waterjet Manufacturing and Sales

NavCad predicts the steady state powering performance of a vessel that’s outfitted with a waterjet. This analysis organizes detailed information about the waterjet performance – including the calculation of propulsor efficiency – allowing for the best match of waterjet model to vessel speed range. Whether for an existing vessel or a new design, this capability will aid waterjet manufacturers in the confident application engineering for their products. 

Hydrodynamic and Propulsion System Design Tools

NavCad by Hydrocomp


The flagship framework for entire resistance, propulsion, mission profile, and optimized performance design tasks

PropExpert by Hydrocomp


This “propeller application sizing” tool is the favorite of marine propeller, engine, and drive companies from main-office OEMs through their distribution pipeline. Tell me why I need PropExpert.