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Propeller Sizing and Analysis


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Providing All Tools for Proper Propeller Selection

PropExpert offers the most up-to-date techniques presented in an easy-to-use and powerful package. Calculate optimum diameter, pitch, reduction gear ratio, and blade area for open or ducted propeller systems.

The Go-To Sizing Tool for Propeller Manufacturers and Distributors

PropExpert is ideal for selecting and analyzing propeller systems for workboats and pleasure craft. Confidently identify vessel-specific propulsion system components with just a few inputs. The installed commercial propeller library can be extended with your own data, and build your own library of vessels, engines, and gearboxes. Utilize data from a prior trial or a similar vessel to anchor your model to real-world performance, or use PropExpert’s speed estimation formula when data is not available.

PropExpert’s project library can help you manage your database of projects, vessels, propellers, engines, and reduction gear models. Achieve top performance with the software’s two-stage “size it then analyze it” solution for determining top speed, thrust, power, and efficiency.

Used by/Industries


Propeller shops, distributors, and manufacturers

Engine and gear companies

Boat builders and designers

Marine surveyors

Propulsion system consultants

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Enhance Accuracy with Sea-trial Data

The advance features in PropExpert allow you to dive deeper into propeller analysis. Use data from a prior trial or data of a similar vessel to anchor your model to real-world performance – or use PropExpert’s speed-estimation formula when data is not available.

Size Virtually Any Propeller

PropExpert determines optimal diameter, pitch, blade area and RPM for commercial inboard propellers of two to five blades, from about 450mm (18-inch) diameter up to about 2.5m (100-inch). Both flat-faced (Gawn) and foil-section (B-series) propellers are supported, as well as ducted propellers (Kaplan). PropExpert evaluates cupped and “progressive pitch” (cambered) propellers, and offers special consideration for folding propellers and propellers in stern pockets.

PropExpert propeller sizing screenshot

I am loving having the program at our disposal. We have used PropExpert every day since we have received it, I don’t know how we ever got by without it.

Gerry Shaw

Owner, Northumberland Propeller Services



Propeller sizing and analysis


Optimum Diameter, Pitch, and BAR


Finds the best gear ratio for the system


Initial speed prediction using estimates, a prior trial, or a similar vessel


Propeller system analysis, including cavitation metrics


Library of common propellers

Technical Specifications

Propeller Types
  • Gawn (flat faced)
  • B-series (foil)
  • Kaplan 19A and 37 (ducted)
  • MAU & MAUw
Hull Types
  • Displacement
  • Semi-displacement
  • Planing
  • Sailing yach
  • Barge
  • Catamaran
  • River boat
Service Types
  • Passenger/pleasure
  • Work/commercial
  • Towing
  • Bollard
Sizing Available For
  • Diameter
  • Pitch
  • Blade area ratio
  • Reduction gear ratio
Data Managers
  • Projects
  • Clients
  • Sea-trials
  • Propellers
  • Engines
Speed Prediction
  • Average hull formula
  • Based on prior trial
  • Based on similar vessel
Performance Analyses
  • Efficiency and slip
  • Thrust and tow pull
  • Engine power and fuel rate
  • Cavitation
  • Blade strength
  • Shaft diameter
Advanced Features
  • Cupping
  • Face curvature “progressive pitch”
  • Data estimates
  • Cavitating performance
  • Effect of shaft angle
  • Blade scan analysis
Report Formats
  • Summary report
  • Technical appendix
  • Performance plots
Report Options
  • Integrated report viewer
  • Save as PDF and CSV
  • Attach to email
Report Languages
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • User-defined

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PropExpert: Quick Answers for Your Customers

Learn about PropExpert, HydroComp’s propeller selection tool for the sizing and analysis of propellers for work boats and pleasure craft. It provides the tools needed for the proper selection of propulsion system components – engine, gear and propeller – and is the principal sizing tool of manufacturers and distributors.

Using Prior Trial with PropExpert

In this webinar, HydroComp will review a vessel which is requesting a new propeller. A client with a 14.5m motor yacht wants to increase top speed from 19.2 knots on trial to a desired 26 kts. We also encourage anyone interested in PropExpert to join us and see how PropExpert can increase their analytical capabilities.

Size ANY Propeller

Calculating, selecting and analyzing made easy with powerful PropExpert

Need software for propeller inspection?

Talk to our partner company TrueProp Software LLC about TrueProp!

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TrueProp Software for Propeller Inspection and repair

We are using both PropExpert and TrueProp software for our propeller projects, whether it is for inspection or reverse engineering, scanning the propellers with TrueProp gives us accurate, detailed information about the current state of the propeller and can provide full dimensional report which help us to determinate which are the areas out of tolerance on the propeller. 

The laser scanner allows propellers to be inspected virtually anywhere with a high degree of accuracy. We can use the measurements from the propeller with the PropExpert software to make recommendations for improving the vessel speed and engine loading. PropExpert allows us to calculate the result of changes to the propeller or engine and better inform the customer. Together, the two software packages help us provide a valuable service to our clients.

Ignacio Molina

Quality Assurance Manager, Padgett Swann Machinery and Propeller Specialist