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Informing the Next Generation

HydroComp products are used by universities, research institutions, and technical schools as instructing tools for applied hydrodynamics and simulation-based design. Students also use our software for applied research projects and vehicle design for team competitions.

Academic Lab Kits

Hydrodynamic analysis and propulsion system design are critical disciplines within any contemporary curriculum in naval architecture, marine engineering, or ocean engineering. To assist in the development of future engineers and designers, we offer discounted Academic Lab Kit licenses to qualified institutions. Recognizing the value that introduction to leading tools can offer students, the world’s leading naval architecture universities and maritime academies include NavCad, PropElements, and PropCad as part of their student’s technical experiences. 

Students use NavCad to develop a framework for understanding resistance and power prediction when designing a ship or boat. For assessment of ship operational efficiency, NavCad assists in broader transportation studies to determine operating costs for different vessel configurations, loading, and propulsion equipment options. HydroComp also provides extensive technical development of the methodology in our User’s Guides. (For example, some schools use NavCad User’s Guide as curriculum reading for their resistance and propulsion classes.)

Classes in propeller design or focused projects provide an opportunity for students to use PropElements and PropCad. Both support a curriculum in propulsor design or they can be a companion tools for students involved in CFD, FEA, or propeller manufacturing.

Sustainability Research Partners

A longtime and continued focus at HydroComp is improving maritime environmental sustainability. Our software can offer meaningful mitigation of greenhouse gas, propeller-driven noise, and other emissions from marine vehicles by helping them emit less by design. We partner with universities researching sustainability metrics to shrink the carbon footprint and noise signatures of maritime vehicles on a global scale.

Student Copies

HydroComp does not sell student versions of software. We offer discounted academic licenses to accredited schools with programs in naval architecture, marine engineering or ocean engineering (or an associated program). Please contact HydroComp for more information about multi-seat Academic Lab Kits or short-term Project licenses.

Hydrodynamic and Propulsion System Design Tools

NavCad by Hydrocomp


The flagship framework for entire resistance, propulsion, mission profile, and optimized performance design tasks

PropElements by Hydrocomp


HydroComp’s “design for performance” propeller tool to customize and optimize a propeller for a specific ship or vessel type

PropCad by Hydrocomp


The industry’s most popular commercial tool for propeller “design for manufacture”

Notable academic institutions using HydroComp, Inc. software

Notable academic institutions using HydroComp, Inc. software