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Training and Support

If you are in need of support from HydroComp’s technical experts, we recommend you examine the following support pages to resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

Help Desk

Have a software question? The Software help desk allows you to submit questions to HydroComp support staff. The responses are formatted into articles for the Knowledgebase.


Frequently asked questions and information on several topics including software installation, hull form measurements for displacement and planing hulls, and performance prediction caveats for propellers, waterjets and other propulsion options


Keeping ahead of the latest advances in marine propulsion can be difficult; however, if you are a designer or propulsion equipment supplier, it is vital to your business. Learning how to best use technical software is necessary to be efficient at delivering accurate results for your clients. Many companies achieve this and keep up to date with contemporary practices through training from HydroComp


HydroComp’s YouTube channel showcases our webinars and video tutorials. These short videos are a great starting point for new users and build upon the tutorials in the software user’s guide.

MSU Subscriptions

HydroComp would like to thank all of our users for their continued confidence in our products. Order your Maintenance, Support and Update (MSU) subscription to receive software updates and telephone/fax support


Download hardware drivers, latest releases of your software, and various utility programs