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Patrol Boat Waterjet Analysis

HydroComp was asked to review a 90 ft (27 m) patrol boat design for an engine manufacturer. Initial predictions by the boat designer indicated that the boat would not make the target speed, and they were asking the engine builder to suggest a higher powered engine... Read more

MST – JetBoots

JetBoots are a personal propulsion system for divers from Mazin Submersible Technology, Inc. of Pasadena, California. MST contracted with HydroComp for the development of a new propulsor for their JetBoots version 4 to increase thrust and reduce motor demand.

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eCycle, Inc. – Electric Outboard

When eCycle needed a propeller to complement their power delivery technology, they contacted HydroComp for the design of a high-efficiency counter-rotating propeller (CRP). Our consulting program for this project relied on our NavCad and PropCad commercial software tools, but also included proprietary CRP propeller sizing & analysis methods.

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Bay Marine – Comprehensive Powering Analyses

Bay Marine of Barrington, Rhode Island has been a HydroComp client for many years. We have provided a variety of powering analysis services to Bay Marine for their work boats, fishing boats, passenger ferries, and research vessels – including a new vessel for the University of Delaware and a 130′ double-ended ferry

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