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MSU Subscription

Maintenance, Support and Update (MSU) subscription

HydroComp would like to thank all of our users for their continued support. To order your MSU subscription and continue to receive software updates and telephone/email support, please refer to the subscription renewal information located at the bottom of this page.


Customer service is a top priority, and we work to maintain the highest level of professionalism and performance. We trust that our customers are satisfied with the level of support and functionality found in our software products. HydroComp continuously receives requests for referrals and we are happy to refer customers who are using the latest software versions.

The MSU subscription is an annual payment used to:

  • Fund the on-going development of new versions,
  • Provide end-user technical support, and
  • Make updates available to users.

Users with current MSU subscriptions will be eligible to download and run all versions of the software built during the subscription period. (The security key holds this information and may need to be updated when a subscription is renewed.)

Renew Your MSU

To update your MSU subscription, please request a quotation here. Renewing your MSU is critical to ensuring access to the latest updates, features, and technical support!
Renew your MSU
In most cases you can be running the newest version of the software on the same day!


By renewing your MSU subscription, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Upgrade to the latest version of your HydroComp software product.
  • Keep current with Best Practices. Ensure you are providing your customers with the most current and advanced data and methods.
  • Private access to end-user technical support. Our support staff is readily available to offer personalized phone/email/online assistance.
  • Private access to software updates from the software download web page.
  • Access to our knowledgebase, and technical library.
  • Protect your investment. The Research and Development Team at HydroComp is continuously developing new prediction models and features for the software suite.

What if I am behind on my subscription?

Do not worry, you can re-enroll in the MSU today! Please request a quotation here or call us directly at 1-603-868-3344.
Renew your MSU