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A discussion with Josip Andrisic of FLOW Ship Design Ltd.

FLOW Ship Design Ltd is an independent ship design company located in Pula, Croatia. The company was founded in 2018 by naval architects Josip Andrišić, Vito Radolović, Igor Lalović, and Obrad Kuzmanović. This close group had worked together at the ship design firm, Uljanik, and when Uljanik became insolvent, they decided to continue their synergy and Flow Ship Design was born.


Josip is Flow Ships’ Director and senior designer. His love of ships began in high school when he used to visit his dad who was a Captain of commercial vessels, typically bulk carriers. Josip discovered he preferred staying on shore as a ship designer instead of venturing out on the open seas.

Flow Ship Design works mostly with ship owners, ship operators, shipyards, and also subcontracts with other ship design companies.

According to Josip, “Before starting the company we used to work on many new projects and new buildings, but mostly on initial and basic design”. His list included numerous different types of vessels ranging from polar cruise vessels, car carriers, roro, ropax, livestock carriers, bulk and chemical tankers. “Since starting the company, the range of our work has just expanded. With every new job we have the benefit of experience and challenge of something new to learn and develop.”

The office is constantly teeming with activity and there is never a dull day. Josip explains: “We always have several different projects running with a lot of daily tasks, calculations, drawings, and reports trying to give our clients fast, economic and reliable results. We have a great team of 11 independent engineers who make life much easier. And of course, there is always time for a coffee break with friends and colleagues.”

When the partners first started the company, they realized they needed a reliable tool for ship resistance and propulsion. They determined that HydroComp’s NavCad program offered the best possibilities and references. “NavCad is a great asset when it comes to quick and confident results of vessels’ resistance and propulsion,” says Josip. “We use it often in developing new designs.”

Flow Ship embarked upon their relationship with HydroComp through a NavCad [Standard] Lease License. As a new company, a Lease license affords them more flexibility to develop as a company. “As we are in the beginning and a lot of software is needed, we decided to go for a lease while we see how the business is growing. Of course, our wish is to work on many new and innovative designs in the years to come and so a perpetual license is something we aim for.” Until then, the lease format puts much less stress on a budding business.

When the naval architects design a new vessel, they often use NavCad to establish propulsion requirements based on target speeds. Utilizing the software throughout the whole design process allows them to achieve the best results.

We asked Josip what was his favorite feature in NavCad and he remarked, “I would say versatility. As we work on many different projects from big cargo ships to ferries to small pax catamarans, we appreciate having a software that possesses all relevant methods for speed prediction and propeller optimisation and can cover all our design ideas.”

HydroComp has always been devoted to creating state-of-the-art software but we also recognize that cost management, now more than ever an important issue. For some firms, a Lease license can also be managed more easily within an existing operating budget, rather than through capital acquisition. This rings especially true for start-ups and young companies who may be blending different models of innovation. HydroComp’s Lease program also offers businesses who may have limited start-up capital, to stay competitive and acquire software reasonably. Clients are pleased to have in-house hydrodynamic tools so supplemental studies can be performed without delays.

“For every Naval Architect,” Josip says, “NavCad should be considered as strategic investment which gives them the opportunity to acquire new clients, new jobs, and new designs.”

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