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New features for improved Vessel-Propulsor-Drive system simulation

Development in 2021 for HydroComp NavCad offers new features across the range of applications.

Towed barge prediction

One of the more component-intensive applications for NavCad is a towed barge being pulled by a tug. Not only do you need to setup the resistance and propulsion for the tug, the towed barge must be properly modeled. This includes reliable prediction of the added drags affecting the barge – including appendages (typically skegs), a towline drag supplement, and seas drag. NavCad can now add estimates for appendage drag and tow line (with drift) drag. We have also implemented a new added drag in seas prediction method specifically for barges.

New surface-piercing propeller model

This propeller series method was developed by HydroComp from a small family of model tests for cleaver-style wedge-type surface-piercing propellers. Our in-house research also allowed for the development of a new performance metric for a “minimum critical speed”, below which SPP propeller performance begins to fall off. This new design criteria can provide information to ensure that the Vessel-Propulsor-Drive system running SPPs have the proper gear ratio for the proposed speed and power.

New electric motor Drive module

A major update coming later in 2021 is a new module for electric motors as the prime mover of NavCad’s Drive component. Development includes consideration of AC and DC motors, with particular development for easy user definition of standard motor types, such as the popular styles of permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) found in UVs and other submersibles. A new model for partial load efficiency and current draw will provide engineers and designers with a critical missing piece when conducting trade-off studies, evaluation and validation of trial data, or calculations of operational battery budget.

Enhanced GUI components

Also for 2021, HydroComp has undertaken a significant in-house initiative to enhance product “look-and-feel” for contemporary themes available in Windows 10. Overall workflow processes will remain very comfortable and familiar to users, but with new interface controls and graphs supporting Windows “visual styles”.

About HydroComp PropCad

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