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New features include DNV-GL Blade Thickness Rules and blade transforms

HydroComp PropCad 2022 continues to deploy new and expanded features for new and existing users. PropCad 2022 includes our best tools for rapidly designing marine propellers, 2D drawings, and 3D CAD models – and a robust suite of supplemental tools to take your propeller designs and construction documents to the next level.

Hub and TE Options

PropCad’s recent features for trailing edge finishing have been expanded to support user-specified angles for the trailing edge. While primarily used in surface piercing and cleaver propellers, this new feature also has aesthetic appeal on other round ear designs, as seen above.

DNV-GL 0039 Rules for Blade Thickness

Many users rely on PropCad’s extensive library of propeller blade thickness rules from Classification Societies across the globe. PropCad’s Class Thickness Reports make difficult calculations easy and streamlines the approval process. And now, PropCad 2022 expands upon our existing collection of propeller rules with the addition of the DNV-GL ruleset.

Blade Transform Utilities

Also debuting in PropCad 2022 is a new utility to ensure your blade design fits to your hub. By allowing users to specify the final axial length of the blade at the intersection, designers, builders, and researchers can be sure their design fits to the hub

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