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HydroComp, Inc. Launches New Brand Identity to Strengthen Significant Advances in Hydrodynamic Sustainability and Positioning

HydroComp, Inc., a leading provider of hydrodynamic software and consulting services for marine professionals worldwide, is unveiling its new brand mark and product icons. This change is intended to clearly represent the company’s comprehensive advancement and commitment to its new sustainability initiative, submersible design focus, and more importantly, value to customers.

After careful assessment, HydroComp determined the need to update and refresh the brand to better align its product and services to be more with its critical emphasis on Vessel-Propulsor-Drive Optimization, Underwater Noise Reduction, and High Fidelity Connections with other software tools.

“The previous logo and brand no longer resonated with our decades-long advancement of quality research and development,” explains Managing Director Jill Aaron. “Our continuing growth in Underwater Radiated Noise and submersibles is a strategic pivot in our future direction. While we have served the marine industry for thirty-five years and have built a strong reputation for innovation and quality products and services, these new strategic building blocks and direction enable us to make a commanding difference. We feel this decision will not only make a positive difference within the marine professional industry, but also for marine mammals and the planet.

HydroComp, Inc. has a profound growth potential and this new branding position accurately reflects those opportunities. The company’s new branding approach will be deployed Q1 in 2020 along with a new website.

About HydroComp, Inc.
Since 1984, HydroComp has been a leader in providing hydrodynamic software and services for resistance and propulsion prediction, propeller sizing and design, and forensic performance analysis. Through its unique array of software packages and services, HydroComp now serves over 1200 naval architectural design firms, shipyards, yacht owners, ship operators, propeller designers, universities and militaries around the globe.

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