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As HydroComp, Inc., a pioneer in hydrodynamic software and consultancy services, enters its 35th year, the demand for products and services is ever-increasing. To maintain our global competitive edge we continue to work closely with agents from all over the world. One of our newer dealers is Red Offshore Industries (ROI), based in Mumbai, India.

ROI began six years ago and is well established in India and Singapore. As the market increased in the subcontinent, ROI became an official agent for HydroComp in 2016. Currently, ROI is a two-person team in Mumbai directed by Ms. Khatri. Despite its size, the company is robust and extremely active and has a large national pool of clients, to whom they are extremely dedicated.

Malika Khatri, a Director of ROI works tirelessly to deliver HydroComp’s software to propeller and engine manufacturers all over India. “I’m obsessed with my work,” she says. “When I wake up in the middle of the night, I always check my messages.”

When asked about the challenges of the job, Ms. Khatri mentioned that clients often have hesitations about working with an American company because there is no initial personal meeting. In many cultures, this is a serious concern and can halt a sale. Ms. Khatri demonstrates that she is a true professional by repeatedly reassuring her clients of HydroComp’s long history and dedicated commitment to robust engagement with their clients, regardless of their locale.

Much of Ms. Khatri’s time is spent with these clients, typically propeller or engine makers, but really, as she says, “anyone that has anything to do with propellers.” These companies are usually looking for software to cross-verify their numbers and make their own case stronger. HydroComp helps them boost their credibility and ensure precision.

According to Ms. Khatri, decision-making amongst her clients has sometimes been tedious and can serve to be quite the challenge. Most of the boatbuilding industry has been doing the same work and using the same, often outdated, technology for decades. India, like many others, has seen an emergence of its younger generation embracing state-of-the-art technologies. These newly educated second (or even third) generation owners are driving technological advances and making a case for more modern tools in the workplace. This, of course, takes time and patience.

With the significant networking by Ms. Khatri, interest in HydroComp products has been increasing. HydroComp’s attendance alongside ROI at IMEX/SMM in 2017 helped to cement our name and reinforce our synergy in this region.

Only a few weeks ago, Malika embarked on a twelve day trip all around the country to meet with clients face to face and get to know them better. It’s not surprising that her favorite part of the job is, in her words: “Meeting new people. Learning from them. Also, sales give me a kick.”

As the business and technological climates in India continue to evolve, ROI will be there to deliver top-notch education and training, as well as the rapid support services our customers have come to expect. This is a great time to take our brand to the next level, and our excellent partnership with ROI (and its dedicated director) will ensure our success.

For more information about HydroComp in India, contact:

Ms. Malika Khatri,
Red Offshore Industries Pte Ltd
+91 9820602673