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Autonomous and unmanned maritime systems are being used for a plethora of operations commercially. This month, Unmanned Systems takes a look at some of the companies creating these platforms and the technologies that power them and gets perspectives from industry leaders on how to inspire the next generation of robotic maritime innovators.

The ‘secret sauce’

While companies have in-house staff who are perfectly capable of developing the technologies that power its AUV, not all entities have that luxury, which is where entities such as HydroComp Inc. come into play.
Founded in 1984, HydroComp is a small research consultancy and software provider that provides analysis services to naval architects and shipbuilders. According to Donald MacPherson, technical director and cofounder of HydroComp, the consultancy’s goal is to make good vehicles with good drives into great systems. For HydroComp, this process starts with an interview.
“People have an idea of what they think they want, but sometimes we have to change their thinking about things,” MacPherson tells Unmanned Systems. With this in mind, HydroComp establishes what an entity’s core requirements are during the interview process, and begins to deconstruct what they’re planning on and hoping to achieve, as well as what represents an optimal system to meet those requirements.

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