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Work-From-Home Webinar Series

HydroComp is hosting webinars to help our customers get the most out of their work-from-home experiences. View our recent webinars here!

Propeller radiated noise: Meeting challenges for design and mitigation

The evaluation of Propeller Radiated Noise (PRN) has always been part of the assessment of internal noise, vibration, and habitability. In recent years, PRN has become a focal point for international …

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Waterjets in NavCad

We all know that waterjets are a very effective propulsor for high speed craft. But how do we model waterjet performance for speed-power calculations? What is the influence of hull form on their abili …

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Designer-guided hull form optimization

Vessel hull form drag is the principal system load that ultimately determines engine power, fuel consumption, and emissions, and we know that reducing this hydrodynamic “cost” is an important design o …

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Performance Prediction for Sailboats Under Auxiliary Power

While the primary objective of most sailing vessel designs is performance under sail, auxiliary propulsion is also an important consideration. Often, the heaviest non-structural components on a sailin …

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Towpull: System Analysis and Component Sizing

Tugs, trawlers, and other workboats require the ability to generate thrust for more than their own transit. They need supplemental thrust – known as “towpull” – to pull nets or push other boats. More …

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Tunnel thrusters: function, sizing, and design

Tunnel thrusters are an invaluable asset for maneuvering and docking. But how do they really function? Did you know that inlet and discharge geometry can be as important as the thruster propeller itse …

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Propeller shafting: hydrodynamic influences on vibration

We start May with a webinar focused on the interaction between propeller hydrodynamics and shafting calculations. Many naval architects and propulsion equipment professionals know the basics of shafti …

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Certificate courses and workshops

Our new HYDROCourses were designed to provide clear and consistent content and to facilitate easy-to understand delivery of typically complex topics. These courses will sharpen your existing proficiencies – or even build new skills – while providing practical and insightful knowledge. Explore key subjects about hydrodynamics and propellers in a flexible on-demand format, so learning is at your own pace and convenience.


Newly Added Courses

Propeller Repitching

This certificate course is appropriate for propeller repair shops, propulsion equipment vendors, naval architects, and boat builders seeking repitch knowledge.

Pushboats and Propellers

This certificate course will review important characteristics of pushboats propellers and is vital for those involved with inland waterways transport systems.

Engine Power Curves

This certificate course will review how a full engine power curve is needed to properly evaluate vessel performance in off-design and dynamic conditions.