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Towpull: System Analysis and Component Sizing

Tugs, trawlers, and other workboats require the ability to generate thrust for more than their own transit. They need supplemental thrust – known as “towpull” – to pull nets or push other boats. More than just “bollard pull”, towpull requires a properly functioning... Read more

Tunnel thrusters: function, sizing, and design

Tunnel thrusters are an invaluable asset for maneuvering and docking. But how do they really function? Did you know that inlet and discharge geometry can be as important as the thruster propeller itself for a successful installation? What about thruster noise? This... Read more

Propeller repitching: Maybe, maybe not…

Did you know that the pitch of a propeller can be modified? This process – half art form, half science – provides us some flexibility for correcting performance problems or even re-using propellers with different engines and gears after repowering. Join Adam Kaplan... Read more